Judicial Review Fund Raising

Westridge Farmland (West Acre Park Application) – CrowdJustice Fundraising Update!

August 24, 2023

Fundraising – CrowdJustice website, Save Westridge Farm Campaign page. Posted 24th August 2023:

The Journey to get Justice for People and the Environment has started!

We have 22 days to meet our target of £39,300 and to enable us to take our case to the High Court in London to seek Judicial Review. 

Our barristers and solicitors are finalising our case and the first stage of the journey to court starts shortly with a Pre-Action Letter going to Isle of Wight Council and developers. The 616 pledges of £26,421 have made this happen and got us this far, which is an average pledge of £43.

The Pre-Action Letter will be posted on the Crowdfunding site next week and you will be able to see how strong our case is and how many mistakes and errors have been made in process. 

We need you now to help us over the next 22 days to get the final funding to enable us to get to Court.

We need real people power, determination and enthusiasm to get this injustice heard.

It is like we have been on a marathon, have covered over 20 miles and are almost there.
So close now, only a few miles to go, but it is starting to hurt.
We now need to dig in, show our resolve and get to the finish.

Your support to pledge further, share and encourage others to pledge, and make comment on why you are supporting this cause is vital.

Your voice needs to be heard!

How we can get to the target…

  1. 616 pledges of £21.00 = Target!
  2. 300 pledges of £43.00 (the average so far) = Target!
  3. 258 pledges of £50.00 = Target!
  4. 129 pledges of £100 = Target!
  5. 65 pledges of £200 = Target!
  6. 26 pledges of £500 = Target!
  7. 13 pledges (just 13?) of £1000 = Target!

A big thank you to all of you that have supported this cause so far and pledged funding so that Isle of Wight and Ryde residents can get justice.  

Please let’s work together and get this social and environmental injustice to Judicial Review for the sake of future generations of residents and visitors to our beautiful island and UNESCO Biosphere site of environmental importance.

We need to reach our target to do so! Every further pledge gets us closer to getting justice!

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