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The Last Chance for Residents to Stop West Acre Park Development! – IW Council shortly to issue consent

June 14, 2023

Click this link Fundraising for Judicial Review, Crowdjustice. Save Westridge Farmland

Isle of Wight Council is shortly to issue consent for the development of 472 houses on Westridge Farm land in East Ryde. We believe that could be this week.

The planning application came back to IW Council planning committee for consideration on 25th April 2023 after being first approved on 27th July 2021. The planning committee voted 6 to 5 to approve the application. The fight to save the farm and green field land from development has stopped consent being issued until now.

Solicitors and barristers for Greenfields (IOW) Limited are now finalising the case to seek Judicial Review as soon as a consent notice is issued. 

Key Facts

  • If residents and the community do not want to see 472 houses built on historic and environmentally important green fields within the boundary of Ryde, then seeking Judicial Review is the only option which must be explored right to the very end until no recourse is available. Anything short of seeing this through to the end represents a wasted opportunity for saving Ryde. 
  • Our case is that the process by IW Council in deciding planning permission for this site is flawed and proper legal process has not been followed. This is well documented and legal opinion provided to residents clearly identified this case is a huge social and environmental injustice that not on only affects Ryde residents but residents and visitors to Isle of Wight. 
  • This development will cause serious environmental and climate change damage to Ryde that already has a deficit of green space.
  • The reality is that the development will turn the east of Ryde into a massive building site for over 10 years that will inevitably cause dust, traffic issues and disrupt residents’ lives and livelihoods for years and generations to come. 
  • 6 weeks after consent is granted our full legal case (the statement of claim) will be in the public domain when presented to the courts and you will be able to see how badly IW Council has behaved and what the reality of injustice residents are faced with.

Your support is urgently needed!

Generous donations to the crowdfunding site has enabled residents to make sure their voice was heard (as it was forensically clear that none of your written objections were considered to be worthy) and prepare a strong legal case to challenge IW Council and the developers. We have fought hard over the past two years to get the decision overturned and prevent consent being issued. The reality is now we have to get our case to a Judge and seek justice through the judicial system. We need further generous donations to fight our case.

We need your donations FAST.

As ever, thank you.

Click this link Fundraising for Judicial Review, Crowdjustice. Save Westridge Farmland

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