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Ryde Appley & Elmfield September Update!

September 21, 2022

Quote from local Appley and Elmfield Councillor Michael Lilley’s website, posted 21/9/2022:

September 2022 Update

West Acre Park – Although planning approval was given last year on the 29th July 2021, consent has not been given. The decision resulted in local residents taking legal action to challenge it and this can only start when consent is granted. I have fought and challenged the delay but received no satisfactory answers. However, it now appears that Natural England have raised concerns about the developer’s environment report which is resulting in the application having to come back to committee sometime in October 2022. I do not as yet the detail but will keep you informed. I know the legal team are ready to go once consent has been issued but this call-back to planning committee will provide opportunity for me as Ward Councillor to raise questions and call for the whole application to be recalled. As you know the planning committee did vote against call-back earlier this year and questions have been raised about the validity of this decision regarding possible manipulation of the vote in favour of against. Again, I have pursued questions and recently resigned as a member of the planning committee due to my concerns. Statement – Resignation from Planning Committee | Michael Lilley  The clear message to residents is that West Acre Park is a long way from resolution and the campaign continues – Save Westridge Farm Campaign (crowdjustice.com)


Again this planning application saga also continues and although has out-line planning permission there is a pending variation planning application waiting to go to planning committee this Autumn. Now I am not on the planning committee I am freer to speak on behalf of residents in regard West Acre Park and Pennyfeathers. Rosemary Vineyard is in the same position and will be coming possibly to planning committee regarding a variation application.

Draft Island Plan

I have been speaking publicly and at IW and RTC Meetings regarding the proposed Island Plan and strongly objected to sites in Bembridge and Freshwater being removed at the disadvantage of Ryde. Ryde has suffered due to the IW Council not having an up-to-date plan which has meant applications like WAP and Pennyfeathers being balanced in favour of sustainable development.


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