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Press Release – Wednesday 28.04.2021

April 28, 2021

Quote from local Appley and Elmfield Councillor Michael Lilley’s website, posted 28/4/2021:

Stop Large Housing Developments in East Wight to Prevent an Environmental Crisis!

A group of IW Council candidates are launching the “Stop Large Development in East Wight on Greenfield Sites” if elected because they believe there is a serious environmental crisis pending.

Dave Adams (Independent candidate in Seaview and Nettlestone), Phil Jordan (Independent candidate in Ryde NW) and Michael Lilley (Independent candidate for Ryde Appley and Elmfield) will represent Wards that cover the protected coastline from Priory Bay to Ryde Pier.  All four candidates agree with the following:

  • Historic Greenfield sites at Penny feathers, Westridge Farm, Rosemary Vineyard, Nicolson Road and Puckpool Hill which either have outline planning permission or currently applying for planning permission will total 1700 new houses. These sites will seriously increase nitrates washing into the sea.
  • Natural, environmentally and ecological rich and important green belt which acts as mitigation to nitrates will be lost forever. Currently, land is being sought by environmental charities such as Hampshire and IW Wildlife Trust to mitigate against nitrates polluting the Solent from large scale developments near and around Portsmouth and Southampton.   This does not take into account mitigation for the large developments in East Wight.  The potential loss of a historic and environmentally friendly farm at Westridge to 465 houses will be the straw to break the camel’s back. This application is initially scheduled to go to IWC Planning Committee on the 15th June 2021 and a major election issue in Ryde, Seaview and Nettlestone.
  • The Sink Hole and Sewage leaks at Appley Beach highlight that the sewage and water drainage are already at full capacity and the current system operated by Southern Water cannot manage the already intended 1700 planned homes with more planning applications in the pipeline.   This is an environment disaster waiting to happen.
  • Island Roads has, in varying reports, clearly stated that the road infrastructure around Ryde linking East and South Wight are not able to take the increased traffic of over 2000 plus extra cars simply from these developments.  This rise in traffic will also increase nitrate levels streaming into the Solent.

Michael Lilley states:

“This is an environmental crisis awaiting to happen and in Appley with the sink hole and raw sewage leakage. IW Council has to stand up to developers and stop large scale developments now and carry out a detailed environmental study. Once raw sewage and increased nitrates into the Solent at St.Helens, Seaview and Ryde wash into the Solent, the protected environment will be destroyed for ever. We have to stop now!”

The coastline from Bembridge to Ryde is one of the most protected marine and wildlife important areas in UK and large housing developments awaiting approval or have outline planning permission could seriously damage the local environment and coastline.

Phil Jordan added:

“I have consistently stated that the infrastructure and roads are incapable of withstanding the increased effects of huge housing developments in Ryde.  We are sleepwalking into a nightmare scenario where endless traffic jams and simply nowhere to park vehicles is becoming a reality. Finding a doctor or a dentist is already extremely difficult and we know our hospital is unable to cope with patients being sent across the Solent already in increasing numbers.  It has to stop now. Tomorrow is too late we must put a moratorium on large scale developments in Ryde immediately”

Currently there is a reserved matters planning application for more new houses built on the seafront at Harcourt Sands (former holiday camp) site.

Dave Adams stated:

Local residents in Seaview and Nettlestone object totally to large scale housing developments on greenfield sites that will simply mean coalescence between our villages and Ryde and St.Helens. We are destroying the countryside and in the case of Westridge a farm. Seaview and Nettlestone Parish Council has objected totally to current applications on Puckpool Hill for 50 houses, 100 houses at Eddington Road, proposals to develop the Donkey field, 20 plus houses on Gibb Well field, 465 houses at Westridge Farm and houses on Guildford Road, St.Helens. IW Council Planning have to start listening to local residents.” 


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