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Next Ward Meeting and Latest Update – 3rd February

January 27, 2022

Quote from local Appley and Elmfield Councillor Michael Lilley’s website, posted 27/1/2022:

The next Ward meeting is Thursday 3rd February at 7pm at St.John’s Church Hall and I encourage you to come as we have much to discuss.

Agenda,Update and Issues to Discuss

  1. Westridge Farm & West Acre Park Application – Consent to planning permission has not as yet been approved as S106 legal agreement not completed. The Resident’s legal team are ready to issue proceedings for Judicial Review once consent is granted by IW Council. See Crowdfunding site to access the letter sent to IW Council from Solicitors – Save Westridge Farm Campaign (crowdjustice.com)  Sadly, the tenant farmers at Westridge Farm have decided to accept an offer from developers/landowners to leave the farm as they feel they cannot continue the fight – Save Westridge Farm – Home | Facebook and Save Westridge Farm campaign has been a real community voice to preserve our identity and connection between a town and the countryside (onthewight.com) A motion was going to be brought to Planning Committee on the 24th January to recall the application but was withdrawn due to the Holliday’s action What’s next for Isle of Wight’s Westridge Farm as motion withdrawn? | Isle of Wight County Press  Residents need to discuss the latest developments and advise me of what are there wishes in going forward.

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