Judicial Review Fund Raising

Fighting the Local Authority and Challenging their Actions!

December 13, 2023

Quote CrowdJustice – Save Westridge Farm Campaign, post 13/12/2023:

Isle of Wight Council are using public funds, taxpayers’ money to defend this case, and trying to make it financially impossible for residents to continue challenging them.

…But we have met them at every stage.

Yes, there have been times when we’ve felt weary.

– but not once have we ever contemplated giving up. Never!

Our evidence submitted to the High Court is overwhelming, and on so many issues. Over 1500 pages long!

Helen (Ryde resident) says:

“I and thousands of others have objected to these plans for 7 years. The Council should never have passed this application and they failed in their duty to protect this historic, greenfield site which included a dairy farm, thousands of trees and a rare breeding ground for curlews. This whole community is really worried about how Ryde would cope with such a huge building project, when the hospital, surgeries, schools, roads and sewerage system is overrun and cannot cope as it is.”

We can win this case and save the local environment and the greenfield land!

It is totally achievable. If it wasn’t, we would have given up a long time ago.

It is historic and your support so far has been amazing!

We have put together a case that it is believed proves the Isle of Wight Council has acted unlawfully in approving the West Acre Park planning application.

We have got the case to the High Court seeking Judicial Review and now await permission to go to trial.

We need your continued Support!

Because Isle of Wight Council continues to use tax payers’ money to fight residents over the Council’s actions, a cruel reality is being forced upon us.

We will not let them get away with this – pure and simple!

In the next few weeks we believe w​​e will get permission to get to trial, and we now need to have funds to pay a £10,000 deposit (Aarhus cost Order) the High Court will demand to go to trial, and we will also need further funds for the barristers’ costs for this next step. Hence the new stretched crowdfunding target.

We firmly believe that we have to get to trial and expose the lies and social injustice within this case so that they correct their wrongs and learn not to repeat their conduct. We have to stand up and say no.

You are pioneers, and every £ donated to this cause will bring out the truth and bring justice to the people, to Ryde and to the Isle of Wight!

PLEASE stay with us, please support us to collectively reach our new crowdfunding target. 


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